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Adam Berkowitz

Adam Berkowitz

Hi! I'm on the web development team at UConn's office of University Communications. Mostly I work on WordPress development and maintenance with an emphasis on accessibility. However, since our team of developers is so small, I've also been learning about and working with tools like Docker, Jenkins, and CI/CD in general. I've been at UConn since 2016. Before that I was a professional musician performing and teaching throughout New England.

From our Learning Library

Object-Oriented Strategies for Custom WPGraphQL Extensions

WPCampus 2020 OnlineGeneral Lecture Session
Subjects:Back-end development, APIs, Development, GraphQL, GraphQL APIs
Date:July 30, 2020

Composing continuously

WPCampus 2019Panel Discussion
Subjects:Continuous deployment, Automation, DevOps
Date:July 26, 2019

The University of Connecticut Banner: An Accessibility Case Study

WPCampus Online 2019General Lecture Session
Subjects:Accessibility, Development, Design
Date:January 31, 2019

Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress

WPCampus 2018General Lecture Session
Subjects:Accessibility, Development, HighEdWeb Member, User interface
Date:July 13, 2018