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Rachel Cherry

Rachel Cherry

I'm the Director/Founder of WPCampus and a freelance software engineer and accessibility/higher ed consultant. When I'm not using WordPress to help build the web, I enjoy promoting the importance of universal design and an open web. Be sure to say hi on Twitter @bamadesigner.

From our Learning Library

The Five Ws of Decoupled Websites

WPCampus 2020 OnlineGeneral Lecture Session
Subjects:Frameworks, Platform Selection, DevOps, Decoupled, JAMStack
Date:July 29, 2020

Let's talk accessibility

WPCampus 2019Panel Discussion
Date:July 26, 2019

The WPCampus Gutenberg Accessibility Audit

WPCampus Online 2019General Lecture Session
Subjects:Accessibility, Gutenberg, Community
Date:January 31, 2019

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Volunteers needed for video streaming test on June 30, 2021

Hi everyone! The WPCampus 2021 planning committee needs your help. The committee is planning a test of the StreamYard application to determine if it will be a good fit for the WPCampus 2021 conference. The test will take place Wednesday, June 30, 2021, at 12 p.m. Eastern. The test should take no longer than 30 […]

Update on WPCampus 2021 planning, another call for organizers

Hi everyone! Time for an update regarding planning for the WPCampus 2021 conference. Last we spoke, we put out a call for WPCampus 2021 organizers. Blake Bertuccelli will chair WPCampus 2021 planning committee I’m thrilled to announce that Blake Bertuccelli has volunteered to chair the WPCampus 2021 planning committee. Blake has lots of ideas for the […]

Call for WPCampus 2021 organizers

With a new year comes an exciting opportunity for a new WPCampus conference. Our ninth conference to be exact. And this year is obviously quite out of the ordinary. COVID-19 is still prevalent throughout much of our society. “When will it be safe to have an in-person event?” is still a big unanswered question. We […]

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WPCampus 2016 Conference Retrospective

In August 2015, Rachel Cherry tweeted about an idea she had: a WordCamp for people who use WordPress in higher education. Eleven and a half months later, over 150 people representing 60 different higher ed institutions gathered in Sarasota, Florida for the inaugural WPCampus conference. With WPCampus 2016 wrapped up and WPCampus 2017 on everyone’s […]

WordPress Forms

From simple contact forms to complex online applications, higher ed hosts a variety of online forms. For this episode, we’ll discuss what’s important and needed for WordPress forms in the world of higher ed, including accessibility and privacy concerns. For this episode, we are joined by WPCampus members Rachel Cherry and Curtiss Grymala and WordPress […]


Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites by people with disabilities. When your website is accessible, visually-impaired users can visit your website using a screen reader and those who can’t use the mouse can navigate your site using a keyboard or other input device. […]

WordPress in Higher Education

WPCampus is a community and conference for web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. Today will be a very general overview of WPCampus and talking about the conference but we want this to be the beginning of a weekly show where we can discuss topics relevant to our […]