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Ronnie Burt

Ronnie Burt

  • General Manager, Education & Hosting Services, CampusPress
  • @ronnieburt

Ronnie leads the team behind the CampusPress, Edublogs, and WPMU DEV Hosting services, which power thousands of WordPress sites for higher ed institutions small and large. A former educator, wannabe musician and math nerd, Ronnie is a Longhorn football-obsessed resident of Austin, Texas.

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Digging Into Privacy

WPCampus 2020 OnlineGeneral Lecture Session
Speaker:Ronnie Burt
Subjects:Security, Development, Privacy
Date:July 30, 2020

Code reviews: People use it, so it must be fine

WPCampus 2017General Lecture Session
Subjects:Multisite, Security, Development, HighEdWeb Member
Date:July 14, 2017

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