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Paul Gilzow

Paul Gilzow

  • Programmer Analyst, University of Missouri
  • @gilzow

Web application security and accessibility evangelist. Software instructor. Conference lecturer and presenter.

From our Learning Library

Composing continuously

WPCampus 2019Panel Discussion
Subjects:Continuous deployment, Automation, DevOps
Date:July 26, 2019

The what and why of WordPress security

WPCampus 2018General Lecture Session
Speaker:Paul Gilzow
Subjects:Security, HighEdWeb Member
Date:July 13, 2018

Access Denied: Keeping Yourself off an Attacker's Radar

WPCampus 2016General Lecture Session
Speaker:Paul Gilzow
Date:July 15, 2016

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Please Update to WordPress v4.8.3 Immediately

Version 4.8.3 was just released moments ago. It address a SQL Injection issue discovered by Anthony Ferrara‏ Confirmation from Anthony WordPress post concerning the update: and

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