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Jesse Janowiak

Jesse Janowiak

After he was hired to be a student web developer at Purdue University in 1999, Jesse figured he should probably learn how to make a web page. He checked out an educational VHS tape called “Learning HTML” from the public library, and 45 minutes later he was ready to start his new job! He was significantly more qualified by the time he was hired by NewCity in 2016, having worked as a web developer for Purdue University, Virginia Tech, and a variety of small businesses and organizations. Today he builds sites of all sizes as a front-end developer and NewCity’s senior WordPress developer.

From our Learning Library

Building sane, reusable WordPress templates with Twig and Timber

WPCampus 2017Lightning Talk
Subjects:Front-end design, Plugins, Front-end development, Development, User interface
Date:July 14, 2017