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Jesse Janowiak

Jesse Janowiak

After being hired for his first student web developer position, Jesse taught himself HTML by watching a VHS tape he checked out from the public library. It’s a good thing he did, because it led to a career-long passion for building cool stuff on the web. As a developer for NewCity, Jesse builds custom websites for clients large and small, a majority of them in higher education. Before joining NewCity, he worked as an in-house developer at Virginia Tech and Purdue University. Before that, he wasn’t very interesting, so you may as well go read someone else’s bio now.

From our Learning Library

Building sane, reusable WordPress templates with Twig and Timber

WPCampus 2017Lightning Talk
Subjects:Front-end design, Plugins, Front-end development, Development, User interface
Date:July 14, 2017