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John Eckman

John Eckman

After a first career as an academic, John’s been working in digital agencies for the last 15 years, and with WordPress for the last 8. He has been one of the organizers for WordCamp Boston since 2010, and is the CEO of 10up. He now lives in Salem MA with his wife and dogs. He blogs (very occasionally) at Open Parenthesis.

From our Learning Library

There’s a reason we call them institutions: the five dysfunctions of higher ed web teams

WPCampus 2019General Lecture Session
Speaker:John Eckman
Subjects:Professional Development, Support, Content strategy
Date:July 26, 2019

The grass is always greener: What do other CMSs offer higher education?

WPCampus 2018General Lecture Session
Speaker:John Eckman
Subjects:Marketing, Development, Strategy, Platform Selection
Date:July 13, 2018