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Shelley Keith

From our Learning Library

Cozying Up To Chaos: Getting Started with Web Governance in Higher Ed

WPCampus Online 2019General Lecture Session
Subjects:Governance, Being human
Date:January 31, 2019

Cozying up to chaos and other life lessons: Getting started with governance in higher ed

WPCampus 2018Hands-on Workshop
Subjects:Content, Governance, HighEdWeb Member, Communication
Date:July 13, 2018

Future-proofing against the next big change

WPCampus 2018Panel Discussion
Subjects:Governance, Management, System administration, HighEdWeb Member, Change management, Strategy, Agile, Continuous integration, Upgrades
Date:July 13, 2018

We Don’t Need No Education: Web Governance Through On-Demand Online Training

WPCampus 2016General Lecture Session
Subjects:Content, Strategy
Date:July 15, 2016

From our Podcast

Web Governance

When we talk about WordPress in higher ed, we often talk about technology—themes and plugins, server configurations, etc. But at some point, the developers have to let go and the content creators take over. In higher ed, that brings with it a whole new set of challenges. This episode features WPCampus members Brian DeConinck, Jen […]