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Tess Dailey

Tess Dailey

Tess Dailey is a senior sales woman loving every minute in the technology world! She is passionate about solving complex business problems and enjoys teaching experiences she's picked up over the past decade of her career. For the past six years, Tess has had the opportunity to successfully lead high-functioning sales teams and paved new paths into untouched markets, which have led to millions in added company revenue. She has experience in Higher Education with custom and SaaS technologies. Previously she worked with small, mid, and enterprise accounts at leading organizations such as The Nerdery, Siteimprove, and When I Work. In her current role with Modern Tribe, she works with organizations to define their business challenges and provide solutions through innovative digital technologies.

From our Learning Library

Tame the Beast! Managing Web Accessibility with Data Analysis

WPCampus Online 2019General Lecture Session
Speaker:Tess Dailey
Subjects:Accessibility, SEO, Analytics, Automation, Being human
Date:January 31, 2019