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Governance has been defined to refer to “structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, the rule of law, stability, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation.” All are essential to WPCampus, its members, and especially its leadership.

This governance document aims to provide transparency in how the WPCampus organization operates towards its mission of advancing higher education while providing a friendly, safe, welcoming, and accessible environment.

We welcome all who wish to participate in support of our mission as long as they abide by the WPCampus guidelines.

The 2022 governance transition

WPCampus is currently undergoing a leadership transition process to implement a new leadership model for our organization.

Starting in January 2023, the WPCampus leadership model will move from one Director (Rachel Cherry) to a Board of Directors. Rachel will serve as one of the initial Directors in the role of “Past President,” who serves as a non-voting advisor.

One of the most significant projects tackled by our leadership transition working group was creating a new set of bylaws for our organization and our Board of Directors. You can read the bylaws in the Governance section of the WPCampus website.

You can nominate yourself or someone else to be a member of the new WPCampus Board of Directors. We do not have any requirements for selection as a Director, but having at least some affiliation to, or combination of, working on the web, higher education, or WordPress will take precedence.

The nomination process closed on Tuesday, November 22.

You can refer to the blog post announcing the nomination process or our Board of Directors webpage for more information on the selection process.

Pre-transition WPCampus Leadership

WPCampus has one leadership role: its Director, Rachel Cherry (she/her). Rachel is responsible for the organization, including its finances.

Organizational finances

One of WPCampus’s main goals is to provide affordable resources. We do not exist to make money but to provide support and resources.

All of our online conferences have been free. All of our in-person conferences have been less than $200 per ticket.

Our organization usually makes a small profit from its events, but all of that money goes back to the organization for operating costs.

WPCampus has paid individuals and corporations to provide services for our events (catering, captions, photography, etc). But no individual, including its Director (Rachel Cherry), has ever drawn a salary or made money from the organization.

How decisions are made

At this time, WPCampus is wholly governed by its Director, Rachel Cherry (she/her). Rachel makes all organizational decisions. Rachel’s decisions are informed by WPCampus guidelines and feedback from the community.

WPCampus Committees

All committees are on hiatus while the WPCampus organization undergoes its leadership transition process.

WPCampus Meetings

All public/open planning meetings and events are scheduled in advance and marked on the WPCampus events calendar.

WPCampus guidelines

The following policies inform our organization’s decisions:

WPCampus communication


Most WPCampus conversations and interactions occur in the WPCampus Slack workspace.

We use other technology from time to time, but Slack is by far the main outlet for discussion and an excellent location for our planning groups to chat and hold meetings.

Google Drive

We use a paid Google Suite account (with one user) to manage our organization documents and Team Drives. WPCampus Director, Rachel Cherry, owns this account and uses this account for her organizational email address.


We use Mailchimp to distribute the WPCampus newsletter and blog updates.


Pantheon graciously provides donated hosting for all of our websites, including our main website and a website for each event. Each website is part of a WordPress multisite network.

WPCampus websites include:

Social media


We have a WPCampus Facebook account, but it is relatively inactive.


The WPCampus Twitter account, @wpcampusorg, is our prominent social media presence.

The following people have admin access:

  • Rachel Cherry
  • Curtis Grymala
  • Sara Clark

The following people have contributor access:

  • Brian DeConinck
  • Paul Gilzow

How to stay informed on the community

WPCampus Community Blog

The WPCampus Community Blog is the place for all primary and essential announcements related to our organization and the community’s growth.

How to get involved in community planning and leadership

WPCampus Planning Blog

The WPCampus Planning Blog is where community leadership posts information about planning our community, planning our community initiatives and events, and sharing leadership and volunteer opportunities.

If you’re interested in helping our community, participating in surveys, or looking for leadership and volunteer opportunities, visit the WPCampus Planning Blog.