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Leadership transition

The WPCampus Leadership Transition is an effort made by the WPCampus community to implement a new leadership model for our organization. Since WPCampus was founded in 2015, the leadership of our organization has mostly been handled by our Director, Rachel Cherry. Guided by our organization’s principles and priorities, along with feedback from our community, Rachel has made the majority of leadership decisions and steered the direction of our organization.

On April 13, 2022, Rachel Cherry announced that she was stepping down as Director of WPCampus and looking for help from the community to implement new leadership. Rachel also announced that WPCampus recently received 501(c)(3) status as an organization so if we want to keep our non-profit status rolling forward, we will need to appoint a new Board of Directors.

Shortly after the April 13 announcement, a working group was formed to take charge of this leadership transition process.

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Access the working group document

The working group’s main document is a great document to bookmark and reference if you are interested in following along with the transition process. The document is the main record source for any planning, tasks, questions, documents, resources, etc.

The goal of this working group

The goal of the WPCampus Leadership Transition working group is to implement a new baseline leadership model for the WPCampus organization.

Objectives of this working group

In order to meet our goal, the working group will need to:

  • Decide if WPCampus is to remain a 501c3.
  • Define a baseline leadership model
  • Define a strategy for populating the new leadership model
  • Execute said strategy and acquire new leadership

Decisions made by this group

While this working group will have to make decisions to meet its objectives, it will not make decisions regarding the organization’s mission, direction, or finances. Those decisions will be made by the new leadership team. Any strategy decisions made by this working group will be based on current organizational priorities and parameters. Any decision made by this working group could be reversed or modified by the new leadership team.

How to get involved

We encourage everyone to contribute to this process and aim to provide options and flexibility for you to do so. If you wish to participate and are struggling for any reason, please reach out to the WPCampus #transition Slack channel or send Rachel Cherry a Slack message.

Participate in the #transition Slack channel

  • The #transition Slack channel is where the magic happens and is open and available for all questions, discussions, input, suggestions, and feedback regarding the transition and the transition working group.
  • This Slack channel is the host of our meetings in text format.
  • Missed a meeting? Have a question? Want to provide some feedback or share your perspective? We hope you will post in the WPCampus #transition Slack channel.
  • If you are not a member of our Slack, you can join the WPCampus Slack workspace.

Attend meetings

  • Our meetings take place every other Wednesday at 12 pm Eastern.
  • We hold text meetings in the WPCampus #transition Slack channel in order for the full discussion to be logged in the Slack channel.
  • We understand not everyone can attend meetings during our scheduled time and we hope this method allows for you to follow along and contribute when you are able and available. We encourage you to leave your own messages and reply to previous messages.
  • We encourage feedback and input at all times, before or after a meeting.

Contribute to the transition working document