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From our Planning Blog:

Update on WPCampus 2021 planning, another call for organizers

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Hi everyone! Time for an update regarding planning for the WPCampus 2021 conference.

Last we spoke, we put out a call for WPCampus 2021 organizers.

Blake Bertuccelli will chair WPCampus 2021 planning committee

I’m thrilled to announce that Blake Bertuccelli has volunteered to chair the WPCampus 2021 planning committee. Blake has lots of ideas for the planning committee and the event. I can’t wait to get started!

(Still) looking for WPCampus 2021 organizers

With that said, we are having a hard time finding other members for the WPCampus 2021 planning team. We’ve discussed a few theories on why it’s been a challenge, but we have no data. If you have some feedback on this topic, we’d love to hear from you in the Slack #planning channel.

Blake is already considering ways to improve collaboration and recruit planning members. We’ve discussed the possibility of needing to re-consider the pre-established planning roles (presenter coordinator, sponsor coordinator, etc.). We will discuss whether to revise roles and responsibilities for the team at our first meeting. We aim to find ways to include more community members, which means less commitment and more voices — definitely a win.

Call to action: submit Doodle poll and join the first planning meeting

Blake has published a Doodle poll to find a time for the first WPCampus 2021 planning meeting.

If you’re interested in being on the WPCampus 2021 planning committee, please submit the Doodle poll and attend the first meeting. We will discuss our planning needs, ways to improve collaboration and decrease time commitment and go from there.

We’re aiming to host the event in September, so we have lots o’ time to put together a great event.

Participate in the WPCampus 2021 survey

We recently published a WPCampus 2021 survey. The survey is still open if you haven’t participated. The survey will stay open for the next week.

As always, we value and rely on community feedback to make decisions about the event, including dates, formats, and topics.

We’ve received a lot of great feedback that we’ll analyze at the first planning meeting.

In closing

Again, if you’re interested in helping plan WPCampus 2021, please fill out the Doodle poll and attend the first meeting.

We’d love for you to join us.