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From our podcast:

BuddyPress in Higher Education

Duration: 32:06

WordPress has a nifty little plugin that allows it to take on the role of community building and social networking and that tool is called BuddyPress. Today in the podcast we’ll talk to a developer, contributor, and user of BuddyPress and discuss the power and pitfalls that come with BuddyPress for HigherEd.

For this episode, we are joined by WPCampus members David Bisset, Boone Gorges, Ian Mackenzie, and Jen McFarland.

Episode Audio

Jen Riehle McFarland

Jen is a Senior Project Manager at 10up. Jen was formerly the Web Team lead in NC State's central IT unit and was color commentary for Brian DeConinck on the WPCampus podcast. Tweet me on the twitters: @ncsumarit.

David Bisset

I’m a full-time freelancer developer living in South Florida (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area). I am a WordPress developer and specialize in BuddyPress sites/applications. I also do stand-alone PHP work. I’m also a speaker, meetup organizer, conference organizer and father of three.