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From our podcast:

WPCampus 2016 Conference Retrospective

Duration: 45:36

In August 2015, Rachel Cherry tweeted about an idea she had: a WordCamp for people who use WordPress in higher education. Eleven and a half months later, over 150 people representing 60 different higher ed institutions gathered in Sarasota, Florida for the inaugural WPCampus conference. With WPCampus 2016 wrapped up and WPCampus 2017 on everyone’s mind, Rachel joins us to talk about how the conference went and what comes next.

This episode features WPCampus members Brian DeConinck and Rachel Cherry.

Episode Audio

Brian DeConinck

Digital accessibility specialist. Formerly at NC State University, now in the private sector.

Rachel Cherry

I'm the Director/Founder of WPCampus and a freelance software engineer and accessibility/higher ed consultant. When I'm not using WordPress to help build the web, I enjoy promoting the importance of universal design and an open web. Be sure to say hi on Twitter @bamadesigner.