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At WPCampus, our mission is to advance higher education by providing a support structure and wealth of knowledge for anyone who uses, or is interested in using, WordPress in the world of higher education.

Our community is grateful to the 231 volunteer contributors who have donated their time, energy, and skills to provide content and resources in support of our mission.

Note: We are working on a plan to highlight those who contribute to our community in other ways, for example, donating their time to organize events and lead committees and working groups. We have a wonderful, giving community and we are so grateful to all who foster its growth.

Aaron Baker

  • Associate Director of Content Strategy, Harvard University
  • @helveticaman

Aaron Graham

  • Programmer Analyst, Washington University in St. Louis
  • @coderaaron

Adam Arrowood

  • Lead Information Security Engineer, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • @arrowood

Adam Berkowitz

Adam Bernot

  • Web Developer, NC State University
  • @abernot

Adam Warner

  • Open Source Community Manager, SiteLock
  • @wpmodder

Aisling Douglas

Amod Lele

  • Boston University, Boston University
  • @amodlele

AmyJune Hineline

Andrew Bauer

Andrew Ortolano

Andrew Taylor

Andy Rush

  • Course Media Developer, University of North Florida
  • @rushaw

Annie Tudora

April Ebacher

  • Supervisor/Team Lead of Frontend Web Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ashley Kolodziej

Ben Greeley

Ben Johnston

  • Educational Technologist, Princeton University

Bethany Seeger

Blake Bertuccelli

  • Founder / CEO, Decubing Web Services

Bonnie Russell

Brian DeConinck

Bridget Willard


  • Sr. Accessibility Instructor and Developer, Deque
  • @cariefisher

Cathy Riley

  • IT Project Manager, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • @cdriley4

Charles Fulton

  • Senior Web Application Developer, Lafayette College
  • @mackensen

Charlie Edwards

  • OpenLab Co-Director, New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Chris Lema

Christine Donovan

Cliff Seal

Daniel Cunsolo

  • Senior WordPress Engineer, FlowPress

Dave Wynne

David Bisset

David DeCamp

  • Boston University, Boston University
  • @decampd

David Needham

Debrah Kohl

  • Professor, University of Baltimore

Donna Bungard

Donna Talarico

Erik Runyon

  • Technical Director, University of Notre Dame

Francesca Marano

Gabriel Nagmay

  • Web Analyst, Portland Community College
  • @nagmay

Georgy Cohen

Gian Wild

  • AccessibilityOz, AccessibilityOz
  • @gian

Greg Marshall

  • Web Services Manager, Truman State University
  • @mogmarsh

Guillaume Molter

  • Senior Web and Application Developer, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • @guillaumemolter

Helen Lee

  • Higher Education, Justice Institute of BC
  • @teltjibc

Hidde de Vries

  • Accessibility specialist, focused on accessibility of authoring tools (eg LMS), W3C
  • @hdv

Hugh McGuire

Jake Goldman

  • President & Founder, 10up Inc.
  • @10up

James Seidler

  • Director of Web Services, Purdue University Northwest

Jamie Schmid

Janell Sims

  • Digital Accessibility Consultant, Harvard University
  • @janellsims

Jen Riehle McFarland

Jenny Kijowski

Jeremy Felt

  • WordPress Developer, Washington State University
  • @jeremyfelt

Jesse Janowiak

Jesse Swingle

Jessica Orozco


Joe Bacal

  • Applications Administrator, Smith College
  • @joe_bacal

Joe McGill